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Our Products

Our products represent a diverse line of adventure components that can be customized and combined to create an adventure park or installation as unique and creative as your vision. Our products include:

ZIPStream Aerial Adventure Courses consist of suspended obstacle courses that include ladders, nets, walkways, bridges, tunnels, zip lines and more that challenge participants both physically and mentally while immersing them in beautiful, natural environments. Our courses include something for just about everyone! ZIPStream’s self‐directed and guided courses for children, youth and adults allow participants to move through a series of fun, exciting, and progressively challenging aerial activities. With our Diamond Path System™ multiple elements are included in a single course, so participants can decide how far they can go. All courses are graded by colored diamonds, progressing from Green, to Blue, to Red, to Black. Children’s courses carry an Orange Diamond. At each level the challenges become both higher and more difficult as participants progress through the Diamond Paths.”

ZIPStream ZipLine Courses utilize a greater number of zip lines than do our aerial adventure courses and often traverse gullies, water courses, or valleys. Whether short spans or long, ZIPStream’s ZipLine Courses are the perfect experience for folks who love to be up high and moving fast with the wind in their hair!

ZIPStream Via Ferrata! combine the challenges of our Aerial Adventure Courses with the unique environment of a natural cliff line. Inspired by the famed Via Ferrata (or Iron Way) of the Italian Dolomites, our Via Ferrata! immerse participants in experiences once reserved only for rock climbers; to explore the majestic faces and cracks of a craggy cliff line. Often perched precariously high over a valley below, the Via Ferrata! is a boundary pushing experience packed with incredible views.

ZIPStream Standalone Adventure Structures can be the perfect added spice to a ZIPStream aerial adventure park. Options include:

    • Adrenalin Swings – Built for single or double participants, our Adrenalin Swings keep the action high       and the screams loud! In both step launch and ripcord release versions.
    • Free Fall Adventures – Built around the technology of the Powerfan descender, our Free Fall       Adventures take participants on a 70% free fall ride to a gentle stop. Heights up to 100 feet are       possible.
    • ZIPStream Towers – Designed to accommodate many modular options, including various climbing       surfaces and features, ZIPStream towers can also function as part of an aerial adventure course or       Free Fall Adventure.

Adventure Exclusive™ is our special line of high‐end, personal adventure products designed especially for our discriminating private clients. Limited only by imagination and creativity, our Adventure ExclusiveTM tree houses, zip line courses, kids’s adventure courses and aqua adventure apparatus make the perfect, fun‐filled addition to a summer home, private resort, or lake house.

So regardless of the configuration or components, ZIPStream products get the adrenalin pumping and allow participants to step out of their comfort zones to experience things they never believed they could do. Disclaimer: Uncontrollable smiles are a standard side affect!

Each ZIPStream location is unique because each park is developed in a way that highlights and utilize the natural assets of the location. Aerial Adventure Courses, Via Ferrata!, ZipLine Course, and climbing/ rappelling on real rock faces are all components that you can find at a ZIPStream Aerial Adventure Park. With ZIPStream, the adventure never ends!