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The Process

Getting started in Aerial Adventure location ownership or operations can be completely overwhelming! Just trying to figure out what to do and how to start can alone feel like a daunting undertaking.

At ZIPStream we have a simple 5 step process for moving an aerial adventure project from an intangible dream to a functioning reality. Built around the 5 components of the ZIPStream logo, the 5 steps in the process follow a straight forward, logical progression.


Every ZIPStream project begins with a thorough evaluation of the many important details that impact the feasibility of an aerial adventure project, including site evaluation, location, related assets, financial realities, priorities and goals, location demographics, etc. The Evaluation step in the process is critical to a successful project and almost always requires one or more visits to potential sites in order to acquire“real time” information about the potential location. A Site Visit Questionnaire is the first step in the Evaluation process.

In the Design step of the process we take the information we’ve acquired through the Site Visit Questionnaire and the actual on‐the‐ground site visit(s)and use it to craft a project that both meets the goals and expectations of the client and maximizes the potential of a the particular site. Sites often lend themselves to multiple designs options. The Design step is complete when we, in consultation with the client, evaluate and combine just the right components to arrive at the final Design.

In the installation step of the process we take the Design and turn it from a dream on paper into a reality on the ground – or in the air, as the case may be! The installation step may even lead to enhancements of the Design as we seek to craft a project that not only operates smoothly, but is also aesthetically pleasing work of aerial art.
Technical Training

After the installation is completed, double checked, and tested we move into the step of Technical Training that prepares the aerial adventure staff to safely and efficiently navigate all aspects of the new project, including safety procedures, interventions, client care, and general more. Following the Technical Training is a real‐time evaluation period of 1‐2 weeks where our trainers shadow and evaluate project staff to ensure integration of all aspects of the training curriculum.
Operational Support

Once the project is up and running, we provide ongoing operational support and consultation within the first year of operations to make to ensure a smooth start up and successful maiden voyage for your project. Options are also available for us to handle all the operations entirely, freeing you to enjoy the perks of owning an aerial adventure location without the daily hassles of operations.