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Traditional self-belay systems used on aerial adventure courses and high ropes courses utilize double lanyards that effectively allow participants to take themselves completely off the safety system while in the air. The vast majority of aerial adventure courses in Europe and as well as ones being installed in the US by European and Canadian companies use a similar system. 

 At ZIPStream, participant security is our first priority. Designed specifically for the US market and to adhere to US challenge course standards, all ZIPStream aerial adventure courses, zip lines and challenge courses utilize an innovative self-belay system called the Smart Self Belay.   This system keeps you securely connected to the safety system allowing you to continuously stay engaged throughout the process of transferring between elements on the course.

So whether the particular ZIPStream course utilizes our Smart Self Belay or our 21st century continuous belay system, you can navigate the challenges with confidence knowing that you cannot accidently disconnect from the safety system.