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Zip and swing through green Chattanooga | Washington Examiner
July 12, 2010
Scenic beauty wasn't the only reason the Adventure Guild chose the site for its first next-generation twist on ziplining. Chattanooga, once dubbed.
Ruby Falls in Chattanooga opens ZIPstream Aerial Adventure course on Lookout Mountain
July 12, 2010
Climbing, balancing and zipping, Ruby Falls visitors are now getting an even better view from Lookout Mountain
ZIPstream Aerial Adventure: Zip, climb and swing through the sky! - Chattanooga, Tennessee
June 8, 2010
Remember those dreams you had of flying through the sky, climbing high up in a tree and walking a tightrope far above ground? Well, those dreams are coming t...
Ruby Falls ZIPstream Now Open Everyday
June 2, 2010
A New Aerial Adventure in Chattanooga << Recently On Around and About
May 11, 2010
A new attraction has launched at Chattanooga�s Ruby Falls. It�s the ZIPStream Aerial Adventure� an obstacle course that allows patrons to climb trees, walk on swinging rope bridges, and balance on high-wires.
Zip line at Ruby Falls glides across treetops |
May 10, 2010
Ruby Falls CHATTANOOGA, TN -- Chattanooga's Ruby Falls has been a favorite below-ground family attraction for generations.This month, its appeal comes into the light - the treetops, actually.
Take a staycation this summer |
May 4, 2010
We enjoyed trips close to home last year and the summer of 2010 could be shaping up into another 'staycation' season for many families. How lucky Atlantans are to have so much to see and do in just a few hours from home!Here's a couple of fun ideas.
ZIPstream Aerial Adventure at Ruby Falls
April 29, 2010
Set to open on May 1, 2010, Chattanooga adds a new adventure above the rest with a never-before-seen view of the Scenic City from the tree tops at Ruby Falls! This is the first adventure experience of its type to hit Tennessee! ...
Ruby Falls Zip-Stream Close to Opening | soon, mountain, close - Local News - WTVC NewsChannel 9: Ch
April 20, 2010
For decades visitors have flocked to Lookout Mountain to see rocks and waterfalls but soon trees will take the spotlight. A new ropes course this summer meansthe biggest draw at Ruby Falls may be above ground.
Ruby Falls ZIPstream Aerial Adventure - Ruby Falls
April 11, 2010
Set to open in April 2010, Chattanooga adds a "new adventure above the rest" with a never-before-seen view of the Scenic City from the tree tops at Ruby Falls! This is the first adventure experience of ...
Outdoor Chattanooga Outdoor Expo & Gear Swap
April 10, 2010
Location: Outdoor Chattanooga, 200 River St., Coo
Time: 10:00AM
Chattanooga Times Free Press | Lofty adventure
March 21, 2010
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Hamilton County Herald - News
Wintry, rainy weather is no reason to lose your spirit of adventure. Don and Kim Stock, co-owners of Adventure Guild, say their company offers plenty of opportunities....