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What is ZIPStream?

ZIPstream is much more than just a zipline course!  Developed by The Adventure Guild,  ZIPStream is a unique brand of aerial adventure experiences designed to get families and outdoor lovers off the couch,  in the air and feeling the rush of adventure ropes courses and other features.  Inspired by the aerial adventure courses of Western Europe,  ZIPStream courses are uniquely designed for the US market, and use the latest in state-of-the-art safety technology to provide participants with an exhilarating experience with the utmost in personal security. Whether in the trees, on artificial structures or connected to natural cliff lines,  ZIPStream courses are the pinnacle of aerial challenge courses.  Our aerial adventure courses consist of a combination of suspended obstacle courses, zipline tours and adventure ropes courses and are built uniquely for each location.
The Diamond Path System™

All ZIPStream courses include something for everyone.  Our self-directed courses accomidate children, youth and adults and allow participants to move through a series of fun, exciting, and progressively challenging aerial challenges. With multiple elements included in a single course, participants can decide how far they can go.  All courses are graded by colored diamonds progressing from Green, to Blue, to Red, to Black.  Children’s courses carry an orange diamond.  At each level of the diamond path the challenges become both higher and more difficult.

ZIPStream zip line courses utilize a greater number of zip lines than our aerial adventure courses and often traverse gullies, water courses, or valleys.  Whether short spans or long, ZIPStream’s ZipLine Courses are the perfect experience for folks who love to be up high and moving fast with the wind in their hair!

ZIPStream Via Ferrata combines the challenges of our aerial adventure courses with the unique environment of a natural cliff line.  Inspired by the famed Via Ferrata (or Iron Way) of the Italian Dolomites, our Via Ferrata allows participants to explore the majestic faces and cracks of a craggy cliff line; experiences once reserved only for rock climbers.  Often perched precariously high over a valley below, the Via Ferrata is a boundary pushing experience that packs incredible views.

Regardless of the configuration or components, ZIPStream courses get your adrenalin pumping  and allow you  to step out of your comfort zone amd experience things you never thought you could do. 

Disclaimer: Uncontrollable smiles are a standard side effect